1. discontinue, quit, cease from, leave off, Inf. drop* abandon; desist from, forbear, Inf. cut out, Sl. can, Sl. cheese, Brit. Sl. nark it; withdraw from, have done with; (all of work) Inf. call it quits, call it a day, shut up shop, Inf. knock off; finish, complete, culminate, consummate.
2. pause, desist, cease, halt, quit, Sl. hold the phone, Archaic. surcease; slow down, hold one's horses, come to a standstill, (of a car) pull up or over, (of a ship) lie to; come to an end, conclude, draw to a close, lapse, break off, wind up, run out, run its course; rest, wait, linger, tarry, idle.
3. terminate, close, end, stay, put an end to; lay to rest, make an end of; silence, quiet, still; quell, squelch, subdue, put down, squash, scotch; lower the boom, crack down on, quash, put the kibosh on; arrest, check, cut short, interrupt, nip in the bud, throttle, Archaic. stanch; defeat, discomfit, rout, smash, crush, destroy, overpower, master.
4. intercept, cut off, choke off, shut off; withhold, refuse, deny; retain, hold back.
5. restrain, repress, suppress, curb, rein in, constrain; hamper, impede, thwart, foil, frustrate, checkmate, deadlock; hinder, delay, retard, detain, prevent, Inf. tie up; deter, stall, postpone.
6. block, bar, obstruct, clog, barricade, blockade, occlude; stifle, muzzle, choke, stem; close, stuff, cram, ram, dam, oppilate; caulk, seal, plug, bung, cork.
7. stop by
a. visit, pay a visit, pay a call, stop in or over, drop in or over.b. remain, lodge, sojourn, put up at, lay over, stop off, Inf. stay or sleep over.
8. cessation, arrest, end, stay, standstill, halt, desistance, termination, abruption; intermission, interlude, interval, abeyance, break, Inf. letup; interruption, disruption, discontinuance, discontinuation, discontinuity; delay, hold back.
9. sojourn, stay, visit; stop-off, stopover, layover; rest, respite, vacation, Brit. holiday.
10. station, depot, terminal, terminus, station house; rest area, roadstop, truck stop, Brit. layover.
11. closing up, closure, shutting off, U.S. Pari. Proc. cloture; blocking, filling up, stoppage, oppilation, blockage, occlusion, Pathol. embolism; obstruction, Pathol. infarction.
12. barricade, obstacle, impediment, hindrance, barrier, ban, block, Law. estoppel; ban, prohibition, proscription, disallowance, embargo, injunction, enjoining, curb, crackdown; prevention, debarment, preclusion; repression, suppression, quashing, squelch, Inf. kibosh; trammel, restraint, constraint, bridle, shackle, restriction; dam, snag, catch.
13. plug, stopper, stopple, cork, bung, tampion; Med. obstruent; peg, spill, spile, Dentistry. dowel; tap, spigot, cock, stopcock, faucet, valve; governor; pledget, Surg. tent, packing, wadding, stuffing, Med. tampon; Engraving. dossil.

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